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Central Hall, Edinburgh
Thursday 18 August 2016

Product/People at the Turing Festival brings leaders in technology to Edinburgh for a sophisticated conversation about how to design and build amazing digital products — and grow the businesses around them. From product management to user experience to hiring and culture, hear how it's done from the people who are doing it.

I was so impressed — the speaker list was world-class, the talks were all incredibly useful, and the overall format was perfect. Everyone in the team came away with a few great ideas after the conference, and we still talk about it months later.
— Danae Shell, FreeAgent

speakers announced so far include...

David Cancel, Drift

David Cancel (Drift)

David Cancel is co-founder and CEO of Drift, which allows you to talk to your website visitors and customers in real-time, from anywhere. Previously, he was Chief Product Officer at HubSpot, CEO of Performable and CTO of Compete. He is also the creator of Ghostery, the web's largest privacy tool.

Courtney Seiter, Buffer

Courtney Seiter (Buffer)

Courtney Seiter is a writer, editor and inclusivity catalyst at Buffer, focusing on the intersection of workplace culture and inclusion. Her writing has appeared in TIME, Fast Company, Lifehacker, Inc. and more. On the side, she’s the co-founder of Girls to the Moon, a company that produces events designed to build confidence in girls age 10-14.

Emily Webber, Tacit London

Emily Webber (Tacit London)

Emily Webber is a London-based independent agile and lean consultant with her company Tacit. She was previously at the Government Digital Service, where she was Head of Agile Delivery, leading the team of agile delivery professionals that deliver services for citizens. She is the author of Building Successful Communities of Practice: Discover How Connecting People Makes Better Organisations.

Hilary Roberts, Skyscanner

Hilary Roberts (Skyscanner)

Hilary cut her teeth in product working with dozens of startups from the University of Edinburgh to test their value propositions and find their first customers. In 2013 she moved to Skyscanner, where she is now product manager for the Flights Group, the company's largest business vertical, with more than 50 million users per month globally.

John Peebles, Administrate

John Peebles (Administrate)

John Peebles is CEO of Administrate, a SaaS training administration platform and one of Scotland’s fastest growing tech companies.  John has spent the past 15 years growing healthcare and EdTech startups in the US and Scotland.  He is passionate about education, great teamwork and technology, and speaks on these subjects around the world.