Why you should come to Product/People

We get it — conferences can be a hard sell. They require time out of the office and money out of the budget. So here, in a nutshell, is exactly why you should join us at Product/People on Thursday 18 August if you work in a technology business or a tech team: our main objective is that you come away from the day having learned something that helps you do your job better — and a bunch of other things that help you better understand your teammates and your business.

You’ll hear practical insight from product leaders

At Product/People, you’ll hear from experienced experts in their respective fields. Our speakers include people like David Cancel, a 5x co-founder and a 2x CEO with four successful exits to date, who’s spent the past 20 years building software products and businesses; or Emily Webber, who was instrumental in helping the British government adopt agile development methodologies. Hilary Roberts manages a product used by more than 50 million people every month; Rand Fishkin is refreshingly open and uncompromising about the difficult lessons he’s learned as a SaaS founder, and Courtney Seiter is a key player in helping Buffer build a unique culture across a large remote team. It’s a hellish cliché, but we really are going for ‘all killer, no filler’.

You’ll get a holistic view of how great products are made

Product/People isn’t a specialist event: we’re bringing together domain experts from a range of areas — product, design, engineering, growth, HR — for a holistic exploration of what it takes to create and sustain great products. We’re going to talk about the process (design and build), the business (growth) and the culture (attracting and retaining talent, and ensuring inclusivity). You’ll hear about how the Government Digital Service approach design challenges, how Deliveroo build for massive international growth, and how the BBC delivers its digital products to millions of users every day.

You’ll learn alongside a diverse audience of your peers

Founders, developers, designers, marketers, executives, investors — they’re all going to be there. We’re excited to welcome attendees from a variety of organisations — you’ll be learning alongside digital people from major corporate and financial services institutions, fast-growing technology startups, leading agencies and high-profile public and voluntary sector organisations.

It’s amazing value!

Struggling to convince your boss to let you come along? Lead with this! We’ve worked hard to keep the cost of attending as low as possible for everyone. In particular, we wanted to avoid pricing SMBs and freelancers out of the market — so, you’ll get talks from 10 world-class speakers, plus lunch, coffee and beers for just £129 + VAT, or £199 + VAT for a two-day Turing Festival pass. We think that’s a pretty great deal — and we hope you’ll agree!

Bonus: Edinburgh in August is one of the most fun places on Earth

The annual Edinburgh festivals — more than a dozen of them — transform the city into a round-the-clock celebration of culture during August. Comedy, theatre, music, art, literature: it’s all here, all month. (A word of warning if you’re travelling from outside Edinburgh and looking for a hotel room or Airbnb: we’d recommend booking soon, as prices are still relatively reasonable — but they’ll go haywire in the next few weeks!)

It's going to be a lot of fun. Don't miss out!