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During the new tech boom of the past decade, many people have learned a difficult lesson: building great digital products is hard – and building strong, sustainable businesses around them is even harder. In the past year, I joined those ranks when we shut down Stipso, the marketing SaaS startup I co-founded.

So, in agreeing to take over running the Turing Festival from the team at CodeBase, I saw an opportunity to curate a conversation about some complex questions that I think are familiar to many European technologists and entrepreneurs: what does it really take to succeed in the digital economy? What are the ingredients that make a product successful? There are so many, often contradictory, “best practices” about how to build products — they can’t all be right, so how do you know what advice is valuable, and what’s best ignored?

Assuming you can validate that you have a worthwhile product idea, and you’ve figured out how to go about building it, the next challenge is finding the right people to work with you to make that happen: how do you hire and keep the people you need, and create — and maintain — a positive, productive organisational culture?

Even once you've got all of those elements in place, you still face the biggest challenge of all: how do you build a growth engine around your products and your teams? How to do you go from being a small product team to a sustainable, revenue-generating, exponentially-growing business?

We're going to try to answer those questions at Product/People on Thursday 18 August. At last year's Scale-Ups day, attendees heard valuable lessons from some of Europe's most successful tech entrepreneurs, from companies like Similarweb and DueDil. This year, however, we're going to dig deeper into those questions at the tactical level. We're organising the discussion into three main modules, which can be seen as concentric circles towards success:

  • Product: product management, design and user experience, engineering

  • Culture: hiring and retention, company culture, process and methodology

  • Growth: customer acquisition, revenue, and scalability

We've recruited a superb array of speakers to share their experience and expertise and help spark your imagination. Here are some of the folks you'll hear from at Product/People:

We’re working hard to finalise our lineup — we’re waiting on confirmation of several more exciting folk who will add even more quality and variety to the roster on both days. As of today, Tuesday 7 June, we’re just about to sell out of our fantastic value Early Bird tickets. In any case, I’d recommend booking ASAP — especially if you'll be seeking accommodation in Edinburgh right in the middle of the world’s greatest cultural event (Turing is good, but I of course mean the Edinburgh festivals!)

See you in August!

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