Learn from the best at Full Stack Marketing

As we all know, the internet has fundamentally changed how businesses acquire, engage with and retain their customers. Digital has long since eclipsed all other channels as the single most important frontier in marketing — and, for a while at least, things were looking very good. Marketers had never had more tools to reach and understand their audience, and to measure with amazing precision exactly how their marketing efforts were performing.

But as the web has matured, reality has set in. The public are increasingly concerned about obnoxious and intrusive marketing tactics, prompting a surge in ad-blocking. Consumers’ email inboxes are deluged. Social platforms are still struggling to clearly demonstrate ROI for businesses. New strategic approaches like inbound marketing require significant resources and major organisational culture shifts. And, just like always, figuring out what on earth Google is up to — and what they’re going to do next — can feel like a high-stakes guessing game.

These are the issues we set out to tackle at Full Stack Marketing 2015 — and for 2016, we’re going to dive even deeper. The overarching question is this: how can we use technology more intelligently to grow our businesses? It sounds like a straightforward question — but it’s deceptively so. Fortunately, we have some of the world’s most respected marketers and technologists on hand to help us in our quest for answers...

  • Rand Fishkin is the founder and former CEO of SEO platform Moz, co-founder of Inbound.org, and undoubtedly one of the brightest minds in the business. His surprise virtual appearance last year was a hit, and we're so happy he's able to join us in person to deliver the keynote this year.

  • Oli Gardner is co-founder of Unbounce, and a renowned expert on conversion rate optimisation who likes to say that he’s seen more landing pages than anyone else alive. His Full Stack Marketing 2015 keynote should give you a sense of his truly inimitable presentation style.

  • Nathalie Nahai is a leading expert in web psychology, and the author of Webs Of Influence: The Secret Strategies That Make Us Click. She’s the former host of the Guardian’s Tech Weekly podcast, and a sought-after speaker on how we interact with the web.

  • Wil Reynolds is founder and director of strategy at Philadelphia agency Seer Interactive, and has been in the SEO trenches for more than 15 years. He's a regular speaker at top-tier marketing conferences including Mozcon, Call to Action Conference and SearchLove.

  • Lexi Mills is an expert in PR/SEO integration and managing director of new independent marketing agency Manyminds. She’s also a Full Stack Marketing alumna, who blew the doors off last year’s conference.

  • Depesh Mandalia is a veteran performance marketer, who has spent the last 15 years helping grow businesses ranging from Tesco and Ann Summers to Lost My Name and Pact. Previously a developer and product manager, he'll bring a unique perspective on how to drive digital growth to Turing.

  • Andy Young is an experienced growth hacker and startup mentor. He was co-founder of GroupSpaces, led the UK launch of Stripe, and is now an entrepreneur-in-residence at leading accelerator 500 Startups.

  • Samantha Noble is a PPC expert, client strategy director at award-winning agency Koozai, and chief editor of State of Digital. She was also by far one of the best speakers I saw at The Inbounder in Valencia in May.

  • Mike McGrail is a local hero here in Edinburgh, where he’s helped businesses of all sizes make their marketing smarter. He was the founder of Velocity Digital, and is now marketing director at fast-growing edtech startup Administrate. His 2015 talk was so well-received that we just had to invite him back — on the sole condition that his very fine kilt returns with him.

  • Hannah Smith is an experienced content strategist, and head of creative at Verve Search. She's also a regular on the conference circuit, honing her entertaining, informative presentation style at SearchLove, SMX and BrightonSEO (among others.)

We're delighted to have so much experience and expertise on the same stage — I'd even go so far as to wager that this is among the best lineups of any marketing event in the UK this year. It's going to be an amazing day, packed with opportunities to learn from world-class marketing talent. We'll see you there!

Learn from the very best. Join us in Edinburgh on Friday 19 August.