Pete Herlihy

Why No-One Should Ever See Your Best Work

Making something complex feel simple is hard work. We spend a lot of our time as product teams trying to do just that. But we’re missing a trick — more often than not the best user experience is actually no interaction at all.

Pete Herlihy, lead product manager at the UK’s Government Digital Service (GDS), shares his biggest successes and failures delivering high profile online services like voter registration and petitions. Exploring just how far ‘doing the hard work to make things simple’ really can get you.


About Pete

Pete Herlihy has been with the UK Government Digital Service since it was established in 2011. During that time he's delivered many of its biggest and most challenging successes including the GOV.UK website (winner of Design of the Year 2013), moving voter registration online, introducing online petitioning of government and parliament, and is currently working on GOV.UK Notify — a common service for all of government to use to communicate with users via text and email.