Patrick Campbell

A Call to Arms: How to Build Actual Customer-Driven Products

All data indicates that the age of focusing on the speed of product releases to rapidly iterate to the right product is over (or at most in it’s last days). Instead, truly quantifying your customer and understanding them better than ever before will be the only path to success. Drawing on the largest customer development data set in the world, Patrick Campbell of Price Intelligently and ProfitWell will walk through how the world of consumer product preferences are changing, how product teams are currently ill equipped for the transition, and how we can all became actually customer driven, not just customer invested.


About Patrick

Patrick Campbell is the co-founder and CEO of Price Intelligently, the team and software behind some of the biggest and best SaaS pricing strategy out there from companies like Atlassian and Autodesk to Wistia and Litmus. PI is also the maker of ProfitWell, which is free financial metrics for subscription businesses. Prior to Price Intelligently Patrick lead Strategic Initiatives for Boston based Gemvara and was an economist at Google and the US intelligence community.