Lucie McLean

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Come together: Building Product Culture in Non-Digital Organisations

Product managers in non-digital organisations can often find themselves building product management culture in their companies  - as well as building products. Lucie McLean shares the tools and techniques that have helped her and other product teams at the BBC build successful products by developing relationships across the corporation.


About Lucie

Lucie McLean is Head of Product for Children's at the BBC in Salford. She has worked for the BBC for 19 years — nine years in journalism and ten years in product management. Most of her product career has been in mobile products and she led the teams which developed the mobile website and award-winning BBC app for the London 2012 Olympics and the hugely successful BBC Sport app. She now leads the teams developing the BBC’s websites and apps for children. She is passionate about increasing diversity in digital organisations and helping those new to the digital world embrace the opportunities it offers.