Dermot Turing

Alan Turing: Machinery and Thought

Sir John Dermot Turing is the nephew of Alan Turing, the Festival's namesake and a pioneering mathematician, computer scientist and codebreaker. He is the author of a new biography, Prof: Alan Turing Decoded, and a trustee of the Bletchley Park Trust and the Turing Trust. As part of our partnership with the Turing Trust, Dermot will give a lunchtime talk about his uncle's life and groundbreaking work in computer science and artificial intelligence.

Please note that spaces are strictly limited and will be assigned on a first-come-first-serve basis.

About the Turing Trust

At the Turing Trust we want to honour Alan Turing’s amazing legacy by widening access to ICT resources and training in sub-Saharan Africa. We want to bridge the digital divide and allow African students to make use of the opportunities that ICT can bring to break out of the rural poverty cycle. Reusing ICT resources also reduces waste and supports a more sustainable and environmentally friendly society. To date we have sent nearly 2000 computers to Africa and we are now about to ship over 600 computers to Malawi. Delivering ICT resources in Africa can be challenging and so we are developing the 'SolarBerry' — a sustainable offline computer laboratory powered by solar energy with energy-efficient Raspberry Pi computers.