Wil Reynolds

The Human Ranking Algorithm: The People Behind the Queries

Queries are not as easy as they look. When someone types in “Nexus 6” Do they want support, to buy it, reviews? Do they currently own a Nexus device and want to understand the difference? There is so much more to the phrase people put into Google, than the phrase they put into Google.

Viewing individual keywords misses 90% of the journey. It is a content marketer's job to work to understand the whole problem, and solve it. This session will show you how to go deeper, how to understand the true user problems, and how to use content to fix those problems.


About Wil

In 2002, Wil founded Seer with a vision to build an agency that puts equal focus on doing great things for its clients, its team, and the community at large. From a one-man shop in his apartment to a team of over 100 on both coasts, Wil's vision has come to life and continues to grow every day. Wil currently holds the role of Director of Strategy, focusing on identifying industry innovations and developing strategies across divisions to help our clients navigate the challenges their businesses face as a result of those innovations.