Samantha Noble

Paid Media: It's Not All About the Endgame

As paid media marketers we often pay too much attention to the bottom of the funnel and we neglect the rest of the funnel which is why advertisers are missing out on a huge percentage of their potential marketplace. During this session, I am going to show you different strategies that can be deployed for all types of industries and brands (big or small) that target audiences at different stages of the funnel. This talk will be action packed full of tips and takeaways that you can use within your paid media campaigns.


About Samantha

Samantha Noble is a digital marketing expert and client strategy director at Koozai with a key focus on PPC. She helps clients grow their business through creating highly targeted digital strategies that focus on every stage of the marketing funnel. With her passion for digital, she founded the Digital Females group back in 2011 and is also working as the Co-Chief Editor for State of Digital.