Lexi Mills

The PR Formula for Content Marketing

Lexi will be giving a highly actionable talk on content promotion covering tactics, strategies, and processes. Alongside discussing fundamental changes in the publishing industry and how these should impact content promotion plans.

She will show you how to package, deliver and engaged high-value targets. Discussing what which methods we need to retire and how to use SEO skills and tools to create a competitive advantage when promoting content.

Throughout the presentation, she will be using real-life case studies to demonstrate what these tips, tricks and strategies look like when applied to a variety of industries. Including some examples of how successful music firms and rockstars are promoting their content.  She will close with some advice on how content experts can avoid conflict and work more efficiently with PR teams.


About Lexi

Lexi Mills is a managing director of Manyminds with 8 years experience in online marketing and communications, working on PR, SEO, content and social campaigns. She is focused on data-driven strategies and integrating channels to maximise their influence on human behaviour in both B2B and B2C environments